How do I demonstrate oversight and control of geographic affiliates?

An applicant community foundation must submit a board resolution indicating oversight and control over these geographic affiliates. In addition, a community foundation is asked to submit a representative agreement with its affiliates. If there are several different agreements, the community foundation should submit the different types of agreements.

The reviewer will look at the agreement(s) and other evidence submitted for indications that geographic affiliates are controlled by the applicant community foundation. For example, a key indicator that the geographic affiliate is under the oversight and control of the community foundation is that the affiliate advisory group is clearly an advisory board and not a governing board. While affiliates often need to operate with a sufficient level of empowerment to be effective locally in developing assets and recommending grants, their role is advisory to the community foundation. Other indicators of oversight and control would include reference to the local boards as advisory, community foundation due diligence on all recommended grants, and the manner in which personnel and financial matters are addressed.