Benefits of Accreditation

National Standards is for you!

Community Foundation Seal of Accreditation By accrediting your foundation, you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Unlimited use of high quality, vetted sample policies and procedures specifically tailored to community foundations.
  • An incentive to attract serious board members assured that your foundation is stable and legally sound.
  • Resources for staff training and transition because policies are in place and well documented.
  • Some states provide incentives to accredited community foundations through tax credits and eligibility for managing state resources. See more about IowaKentuckyMaryland, and California.
  • The National Standards Seal and the Marketing Toolkit make it easy for you to share your community foundation’s achievement with your community.

We know the process is rigorous and can be time consuming but your peers see the value.

"We appreciate the time the review committee spent going through our manual. The type of oversight provided by the Council and the National Standards Board gives us reassurance that we are using the correct language and documents in serving the community. Please let me know if you need further information."
Tammy Morris, M.S, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Island Community Foundation
"Despite my whining, I very much remain a supporter of Standards.  I’m very pleased Standards has stream-lined the process and content."
Steven A. Gilliland, CEO & President, Harrison County Community Foundation
"It is so helpful to have the support of someone who has personally gone through certification from a community foundation’s point of view. Your help was invaluable and your encouragement was greatly appreciated."
Peg Hamilton, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Greater Rochester
"I am excited about the updates to National Standards. Though we are not set to renew our National Standards accreditation for a couple of years, I really see Standards and the new system as a management tool. I will be asking my staff to start early on the process."

Ann Heiden, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin