Electronic Submission Pilot Program

By Daria Teutonico
Manager, National Standards, CFNSB
Director, Community Foundation Services, Council on Foundations

Interested in being part of a new era of the National Standards for U.S. Community FoundationsTM accreditation process? Want to avoid putting together several large binders of paper - and save some trees, too? Then consider participating in the pilot program that allows you to submit National Standards compliance materials electronically. This pilot program was recently launched by the Community Foundations National Standards Board (CFNSB), a supporting organization of the Council on Foundations. Foundations with submission deadlines in January and April 2013 are eligible to participate. Why are we doing this? The CFNSB sees this pilot program as the first step in moving towards an online portal where community foundations will be able to submit materials and track their progress through the accreditation process. But first we want to make sure that submitting materials electronically is a viable option for most community foundations and that processes are in place to receive and review electronic materials before jumping to a completely online system. This pilot program is voluntary and foundations can continue to submit hard copies of their materials. But if you want to send the CFNSB your materials electronically, you can now do so. Here are some of the basics:

  • The submission must be on a USB flash drive or compact disc.
  • The materials must be organized in 35 folders corresponding to the National Standards coversheets.
  • All files must be in MS Word, MS Excel or Adobe PDF format.
  • You can zip the files and/or the folders. Complete details on the electronic submission pilot program are available at http://www.cfstandards.org/electronic-submissions-pilot-program.

I hope you will consider being part of this pilot program. To do so, please contact Suzanne Stringfield (suzanne.stringfield@cof.org) at least 60 days prior to your foundation’s submission deadline. You must receive email confirmation of your participation in the pilot program to submit materials electronically. Let me know what you think of this idea. I’d love to hear from you! You can connect with me at daria.teutonico@cfstandards.org.