Welcome to CFStandards 2.0

CF National Standards Two years ago the Community Foundations National Standards Board (CFNSB) launched a new website dedicated to providing community foundations with top-notch technical assistance—the "how" of National Standards—to better prepare them to meet the requirements of compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. Today we launch the new and improved CFStandards website to better serve our 500+ compliant community foundations.

Our original design was a good idea based on the collegial atmosphere of the field: a place to share and store tools, templates, sample documents, and advice for foundations. The site was an instant hit and regularly receives 150+ visits per day.

Fast forward to a discussion at the April 2010 CFNSB meeting about where a person outside of the community foundation field can learn more about the National Standards. Over the next several months we realized that we needed a complementary "Why National Standards?" component for donors, board members, community members, elected officials, professional advisers, and anyone else interested in learning more about community foundations. That’s how CFStandards 2.0 was born.

My favorite place is the impact page, where we feature success stories from compliant community foundations. Thanks to several of your colleagues, we have a nice assortment of stories illustrating the difference that community foundations are making in building sustainable, healthy, and vibrant communities. Want to see your story on our site? Click on the form and send us some info. We particularly like stories with photos and video.

We even have our own locator of compliant community foundations. And don't worry. Everything that you liked about the old site is still there.

Stay tuned for our short video about the new and improved website. Look for this blog, Standards in Practice, every week featuring issues related to the National Standards process, stories from the field, outreach efforts, and a whole lot more.

We're really glad you're here. With National Standards, community foundations are practicing excellence. Donors are being served. Professional advisers are connecting their clients with great causes. And best of all, communities are winning out. 




Great thoughts and a nice welcome post Diane. It's been exciting to see National Standards 2.0 taking shape, and we can't wait to hear how people like the new site. The next cycle of confirmations and reconfirmations will teach us a lot. We hope community foundations, professional advisers and others will use these comments, or the contact form, to share your reactions and opinions on the new design.