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Achieving National Standards Compliance

The National Standards team is no longer accepting paper submissions or statements of agreement. We are currently working to finish accreditation for all binders received. If you have already submitted a statement of agreement but have not submitted the binder or have any additional questions, please contact Lara Kalwinski, Director of National Standards at submissions@cfstandards.org or 703-879-0672.

Beginning in 2015, this website will include an online application. Here is a summary of the updates to the program.

These are the 5 major complaints we heard over time about National Standards. 

  1. National Standards requirements are too vague.
  2. The process is cumbersome.
  3. The Standards are redundant.
  4. It takes too long to get accredited.
  5. It's hard to budget for Standards.

How we responded to these with the 2015 revisions to National Standards.

  1. Clarity, Sample Documents, and Checklists
    Overtime, it became unclear what actually passed Standards, but we are working with you to fix this.

  2. Online at Last! 
    For years, the cost of online accreditation software was prohibitive.  However, we’ve found a cost friendly solution that simplifies your renewal process. You will be able to:

    • Confirm your compliance with the full National Standards just once.
    • Annual updates to your accreditation will only ask about changes in your policies or the law.
  3. Streamlined Standards
    The Standards Action Team rigorously reviewed the National Standards and found the redundancies.

    • The new Standards retain the same level of rigor without the extra hoops to jump through.
    • New Standards are added to reflect changes to our work, like using social media.
  4. Up to 60% Time Savings
    Streamlined National Standards, new samples, online submission, and easy annual updates save you time and money:

    • Minimize staff time spent on accreditation without jeopardizing the program’s integrity.
    • Spend more time on the work that impacts your community.
  5. Easy to Budget
    Because accreditation will be updated annually, the cost of the program is now spread out over years. The initial online submission is $1,250 and annual renewal is $1,000 (subject to inflation).

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