National Standard 14: The Board is Accountable and Transparent about Programs and Finances

A community foundation is accountable to the community it serves and demonstrates this accountability by regularly disseminating information on its programs, finances, investment, and spending policies.

Sample Public Disclosure Policy – The Foundation will make available for public inspection the last three years of its tax documents, including Internal Revenue Service Forms 990and 990-T (if applicable), any audit, and its tax exempt letter. If the request for any of these documents is made in person, the requested documents will be provided on the day of the request if possible.  If the request is in writing (including email), copies will be provided within 30 days of the request. The requestor may be charged a reasonable fee for the cost of copying, plus storage. Questions concerning documents should be addressed to either the Executive Director or Board Chair of the Foundation.

Key Elements 

14.1 Does the foundation post its last three IRS Form 990s to its website or to Guidestar?

14.2 Does the foundation post its last three IRS Form 990-Ts to its website or to Guidestar or have a public disclosure statement that if they are filed they will be posted?

14.3 Does the foundation make public an annual summary of its activities and financial status (this could be pages of the foundation’s website, an annual report, etc.)?