National Standard 18: The Board Oversees Diverse Grantmaking

A community foundation operates a broad grants program to multiple grantees that is not limited by mission to a single focus or cause or exclusively to the interests of a particular constituency, and widely disseminates grant guidelines to ensure the fullest possible participation from the community it serves.

Key Elements 

18.1 Does the foundation widely disseminate grant guidelines on how to access or apply for each of the foundation’s competitive grant opportunities? (posted online meets the standard of widely disseminated)

18.2 Provide evidence that the foundation provides lists of past grantees that demonstrate the diversity of your foundation’s grant program.

18.3 Are grant agreements (or award letters with grant guidelines/use for charitable purposes) accompanying all foundation grants?

18.4 Does your foundation require grantees to demonstrate how grant funds were used (via site visits, grant reports, other)?