National Standard 6: A Board that Approves and Monitors Policies and Grants

A community foundation's governing body approves and monitors policies regulating the ethical operations of the community foundation, ensures that the community foundation meets all legal requirements, and approves all grants.

Key Elements 

6.1 Does each board member receive a board handbook that includes a job description, board level committee descriptions, foundation policies, and a current copy of the articles of incorporation and bylaws (or other governing documents with all amendments)?

6.2 Does the foundation retain board minutes in accordance with its document retention policy?

6.3 When a policy or governing document is drafted or revised, does the board approve the policy?

6.4 Does the board receive reports from each board level committee at least once per year?

6.5 Do the board minutes reflect that the board approves all grants required by internal policies, this may include ratifying staff related approvals for grants?

6.6 Does the board make decisions by teleconference or written consent (often unanimous written consent via email), and if so, is this permissible under state law and the bylaws? (If your state allows this type of voting but your bylaws do not, you cannot make decisions by teleconference or email.  Please visit your state’s website in their general assembly’s passed legislation or the attorney general website.)

6.7 How many times did your board meet last year?