National Standard 7: A Board that is Independent

A community foundation's governing body is not controlled by any other nonprofit foundation; by any single family, business, or governmental entity; or by any narrow group within the community it serves.

Key Elements 

7.1 Do your bylaws state that the board is the ultimate governing body?

7.2 To meet this standard, provide written job descriptions or scope of responsibilities for board members. The peer reviewer is looking for descriptions that are more specific than generic fiduciary and officer duties.

7.3 Is the board chair independent of the executive director and foundation management?

7.4 Are all board members, employees, volunteers, and consultants annually required to review and sign a written acknowledgement of the conflicts of interest policy?

7.5 Provide one example of board or board level committee minutes that demonstrates that your community foundation has had to review a conflict of interest.  If the minutes do not include a narrative of how the issue was worked through and resolved, please include a brief narrative with that information in addition to the board minutes.