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New Users: please email submissions@cfstandards.org for access. 

Note: For best results, please use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser. Do not use Microsoft Edge or Explorer. 

  • Accreditation Cohorts

    All organizations will be placed in a 3-year accreditation cohort upon approval. These groups are as follows: 

    Q1: January 15 

    Q2: April 15

    Q3: July 15

    Q4: October 15

    3-year periods cost $3,250. CFs have the option of paying in full at time of submission, or paying in installments with the first payment due upon submission and subsequent payments due upon first and second anniversary of accreditation. 

  • Requesting an Extension

    If you are unable to submit your assessment prior to accreditation expiration, you may be eligible for a 1 or 3 month extension. Please contact submissions@cfstandards.org for more information. 

  • Create a Password or Reset Password

    Access the password reset screen, enter the email address associated with your account, and a reset email will be sent to that email address. 

    If you do not receive a 'please check your email' notification after clicking 'Submit', check that you used the correct email address. 

    If you do not immediately receive an email, check your junk-mail folder.

    If you are uncertain which email address is linked to your account, inquire through submissions@cfstandards.org

  • Accessing Sample Documents

    To access sample documents, log in to application.cfstandards.org, click the ‘documents’ tab, and then select ‘shared’ at the right side of the screen.


    Make sure you’re at the above link, and not the assessment, or the documents tab will only show you the documents you attached to the assessment.



  • Retrieving Submitted Assessments

    Submitted Assessments

    Previously submitted applications can be accessed through the ‘Submitted’ icon under the ‘Assessments’ tab on the right side of the application dashboard.
  • Unable to Load Platform, Unable to See Sample Document List

    If while trying to load the assessment platform you see only a blue 'loading' image labeled "preparing application", you may need to clear your browsers' cache. Allow the page up to a minute to load in case of poor connection. Loading screen









    To clear your cache on Google Chrome, hit CTRL+Shift+Delete. Be sure to select "the beginning of time", and the "cached images and files" item.

    How to clear cache

  • Applying for Accreditation Renewal

    Six months prior to accreditation expiration, you will have access to an accreditation renewal application.

    You are not required to signal intent to pursue renewal in order to have an assessment generated.

    When applying for accreditation renewal, only upload documents that are new, have been revised, or have been replaced since previous accreditation.

    Documents such as the Form 990, an audited financial statement, and a list of supporting organizations will need to be completed annually. Other documents, such as the IRS determination letter may only have to be uploaded once. Please carefully review each section and note whether changes have occurred.